Homeopathy - A Solid Foundation for Your Life

Tips on how to use Homeopathy with Covid-19 Physical Symptoms

Mental & Emotional Help with Homeopathy during the Covid-19 Crisis 

Homeopathy can help you achieve your optimum health, through using safe and very effective FDA-regulated homeopathic remedies, since 1938. Homeopathy is an over two hundred year old science that deals with the physical, emotional and mental qualities of a person.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is a natural method of healing. It was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800s. It has been recognized for over 200 years and used by many noblemen, Kings and Queens across Europe and the folk who preferred natural healing.

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About Avghi

When you meet Avghi Constantinides, you’re struck by the air of calmness and tranquility that surrounds her. Her caring, non-judgmental presence makes it easy to trust her. Avghi truly embodies that philosophy. Avghi’s adventurous spirit put her on her path to natural healing.

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Homeopathy for Children

Avghi has a unique ability to relate to children in such a way that they open up and reveal things they may never have verbalized before. This makes it easy for her to get all the information she needs to choose the perfect remedy for your child.

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Meet Avghi Constantinides

I needed to get help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I had tried several other resources, but I was still having problems. I was drinking to help calm myself down, but then I realized I could not put down the bottle.

–DT, Office Manager Santa Monica

I never thought my adult son would stay in recovery from his drug addiction. After he got clean, there were many old emotional issues that resurfaced. I decided that Homeopathy could help him, since it had helped me so much. Avghi was fantastic! She is such a non-judgmental and caring practitioner.

–PH, Mother of 3, Marina del Rey

My family pointed out to me that I may have a drinking problem. I thought, no I don’t, I’m just stressed out. I need to get through the day, and a glass of wine, or six, at night helped me to de-stress. I went to AA, which really helped me to put down the drink, but then I was left with all of these physical and emotional issues. Avghi really helped me in my recovery with the remedies she had me take. I thank her every day.

–LS, Professor Beverly Hills


I am a classical homeopath, practicing in Los Angeles, California since 1995. My homeopathic services include in-person office visits and for long distance patients using an online video source.

I really love working with children especially on the Autism Spectrum, ADD & ADHD and other behavior issues.

Another passion of mine is helping people with anxiety, depression and cancer, I have helped many people who have been diagnosed with different types of cancer. One very close to my heart, is my mother, who has a very rare cancer and was given 1 ½ years to live, well she has lived passed her expiration date by 6 years. And I did have stage 3 Breast Cancer myself, so I do truly know what if feels like when you hear that word “Cancer” for the first time. Homeopathy can help with the side effects of western medicine, the immune system and quality of life. Just like my mother and myself, I will do anything in my power to help you, through the use of homeopathy!

If you are frustrated with your health, give homeopathy a try! I look forward to working with you in your journey of health,

Avghi Constantinides D.Hom HMC CCH R.S. Hom (North America) MA