The common cold, argh! It can incapacitate you from one to three weeks. What can you do to help your body’s immune system recover faster?

There have been two double-blinded studies for treating colds with homeopathic remedies. In both of these studies the results showed that the patients that took the homeopathic remedy recovered faster, had fewer symptoms, and did not need to take prescription medication. The patients recovered quickly and without any irritating, lingering side effects. One of these studies was on the efficacy of homeopathic remedies for children who had the common cold. The children recovered faster than those just taking a placebo; therefore, the results were that the children were quickly on the mend. The parents could return to work faster, resulting in fewer sick leave days.

In some countries “over the counter cold and cough medicines” have been restricted. Only children over 6 years of age can taken these medications, as too many children had had severe side effects and had to be hospitalized. Tragically, some cases resulted in death. This for me is unacceptable! Homeopathy is not only highly effective, but also very safe, and will never result in a patient going to a hospital.

The common cold is contagious through airborne particles, or through contact with objects from an already infected person. If your cold goes untreated and you are very ill, it can often transform into pneumonia, bronchitis or other serious respiratory issues, especially if you are vulnerable to them.

Tips on how to prevent colds:

  1. Being under the care of an experienced homeopathic practitioner, who prescribes a constitutional homeopathic remedy, will help boost your immune system. If you do get a cold, it will be of shorter, and you will quickly bounce back.
  2. Sleeping helps repair your immune system and keeps it’s strong.
  3. The simplicity of washing your hands, especially before you eat, cannot be over estimated. Use just plain old soap and water. I’m not a huge fan of the hand sanitizer; it is not soap and is at least 60% alcohol, along with other additives. Check the labels carefully before using.
  4. Taking the right homeopathic remedy can boost your immune system. You will be able to recover in a shorter amount of time.
  5. Cutting down on your dairy intake, which promotes mucus build-up in most people.

Common Cold Symptoms:

  • Acute coryza
  • rhino pharyngitis
  • head cold
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Headache

Eupatorium perfoliatum: With this remedy sore bones and hoarseness comes to mind right away, alone with sneezing with a runny nose, or a dry, stuffed-up nose as well. Aches can be felt deeper in the bones with this remedy. Hoarseness happens upon waking. It may be accompanied with a dry sore throat with a hoarse voice; people will often lose their voice. The chest becomes sore, especially behind the sternum. There is a hoarse cough, with a tickling in the larynx; the cough will be worse while lying on the back. It may hurt to inhale; the bronchi will feel raw and hot.

Sabadilla Officinalis: This remedy has an amazing effect on the mucus membranes of the nose. It is great for allergies, hay fever and colds. Lots of sneezing with this remedy; with copious watery discharge, which worsens from pollen the smell of flowers. Itchy nose feels like a tickling inside. It may feel like there is a lump in the throat, with a constant need to swallow.

Allium cepa: This remedy covers many cold symptoms, so it is another wonderful remedy for allergies, hay fever and colds. People who feel worse in a warm room, or dampness and better in the open air. There are lots of watery discharges from the nose and eyes that can burn the skin. There is sensitivity to the smell of flowers. If you inhale a cut onion you will know what these symptoms feel like; they are the similar symptoms between a person needing this remedy and experiencing the onion itself. This is the homeopathic principle; like cures like!

Euphrasia Officinalis: This remedy is for colds, allergies and hay fever too! It mostly affects the eyes, with the appearance of thick, yellowish discharge from the eyes. Burning pains in the eyes are worse from bright light. The nose runs copiously in the day, but is stuffed up at night. Coughing is caused by irritation in the larynx and produces phlegm to be expelled.

Pulsatilla Nigricans: Mucus discharges with this remedy are profuse, bland, thick and yellowish-green. The person may have a dry cough in the evening, which worsens laying down. The person has to sit up right in bed for relief. One may have a loose cough in the morning with lots of mucus. If there is an ear infection along with the cold, it will worsen at night with yellowish-green discharge. The eyes can have yellowish-green, thick discharge as well.
Ah, now you get the picture, most yellowish-green discharges makes me think of this remedy!

These are 5 suggestions of the most frequently used remedies for the common cold. There are many more remedies, often with specific symptoms pertaining to each individual remedy, and therefore each individual person. If you can’t find the right fit with the one’s listed above, please contact your local homeopath.

Avghi Constantinides D.Hom HMC CCH R.S.Hom HMC MA