To Vaccinate or Not

Making Informed Decisions Many of my homeopathic patients have asked me about the topic of immunizations. I suggest that parents be educated on the topic and understand both sides of the story. As a parent, you are responsible for making health care decisions for your child. Do the research about the pros and cons of vaccinations in order to make an informed decision. Even in the face of medical and societal pressure, the decision to vaccinate is ultimately in your [...]

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Cold Sores

A patient called and stated that she has a cold sore on her lip. She said that she is very stressed out at work, and she feels embarrassed by the blisters and wants to hide and not go into work.  Can you guess which remedy I gave her from the list below? (Nat-m) Cold sores originate from the herpes virus which includes chicken pox. It can often lay dormant in the body, stress and or lack of sleep can wake [...]

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PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disease

Post Traumatic Stress Disease – 5 Homeopathic Remedies & 2 Bonus Bach Flower Remedies. Anyone can get PTSD from a traumatic event. These events can vary from being in a war in the Middle East to being in an earthquake or a car accident. For some people, the effects of these traumatic events last for a while but eventually you feel life coming back into balance and you feel like your old self again. But some people can’t seem to [...]

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Eczema: There are over 30 million Americans with atopic dermatitis also know as Eczema. Western medicine will often say there is no cure for eczema. They can offer creams, which can give temporary relief, but it does not make it go away. Eczema looks like a red angry raised rash, which is typically very itchy. If scratched it may bleed.  Often this skin disorder will start in childhood. (insert a pic here?) Treating skin disorders is something  with which I’m [...]

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5 Homeopathic Remedies for Depression, Sadness, Low Mood and the Blues

In the United States there are approximately 14 million people who suffer from depression. The word ‘depression’ comes from the Latin deprimere, to press down. To feel depressed means to have feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Depression often occurs along with other illnesses and medical conditions. The following information is not meant to be a replacement for seeking medical help, but is presented as a possible alternative or adjunct to other treatment. The right homeopathic remedy can help many [...]

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5 Top Remedies for Colds

The common cold, argh! It can incapacitate you from one to three weeks. What can you do to help your body’s immune system recover faster? There have been two double-blinded studies for treating colds with homeopathic remedies. In both of these studies the results showed that the patients that took the homeopathic remedy recovered faster, had fewer symptoms, and did not need to take prescription medication. The patients recovered quickly and without any irritating, lingering side effects. One of these [...]

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