After treatment with homeopathic remedies, you may notice that:

  • Your child begins to blossom into the child he or she should be.
  • Your child’s resistance to illness is increased.
  • You no longer feel guilty about having a “sick child.”
  • You’ll be less anxious about your child’s health.
  • You’ll feel better about how you’re treating your child.
  • A child who was shy and bashful will become more confident.
  • A child who couldn’t concentrate will be more focused.
  • Imagine the difference this can make to your family life.

Single dose Homeopathic remedies have not been recalled nor caused harm to anyone in over 200 years.

Give your child the gift of good health. Contact us today for an appointment, because your child’s wellness
is a top priority.


Today many parents are concerned about the controversies surrounding vaccination.
There is mounting evidence that some vaccines are potentially harmful. To vaccinate or not is a
dilemma every parent must face. This question can only be addressed from a place of knowledge, not from fear.

Avghi is a resource in this area, providing objective information, offering alternatives and treating children
who have had adverse vaccine reactions. Avghi sees a variety of pediatric patients who have been vaccinated
and many who have not. Avghi’s goal is to keep an open mind and help the parent make a healthy decision f
or their child. Remember, you are the parent and you can make the decision for your child’s health care needs.

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The Centre for Life provides a wonderfully calm and peaceful environment for your child. It’s conducive to healing and affords a calming atmosphere for your child’s appointments..

Will Children Take the Remedies?

We have never had any child who did not like taking the homeopathic remedies. Mothers have told Avghi that their children love to take the little pellets, like little baby birds with their mouths wide open wanting the remedies.

Children Love Avghi

Avghi has a unique ability to relate to children in such a way that they open up and reveal things they may never have verbalized before. This makes it easy for her to get all the information she needs to choose the perfect remedy for your child. You may be surprised to learn things about your child that even you didn’t know. Parents often learn new things about their child in the first consult, like headaches, nightmares or constipation. When your child feels safe in a supportive environment, they will open up about themselves. It’s an amazing experience.

A New Path to Healing

One mother told Avghi she felt so guilty and a bad mother by giving her 10-year-old daughter allopathic (western) medicines for 8 years of her life, and she still suffered. She felt so much relief after the appointment. She found a new alternative to western medicine that had no side effects and did not give her child any side effects, such as drowsiness, skin rashes, increased appetite or depression