Eczema: There are over 30 million Americans with atopic dermatitis also know as Eczema. Western medicine will often say there is no cure for eczema. They can offer creams, which can give temporary relief, but it does not make it go away.

Eczema looks like a red angry raised rash, which is typically very itchy. If scratched it may bleed.  Often this skin disorder will start in childhood. (insert a pic here?)

Treating skin disorders is something  with which I’m very familiar. When I first started my practice in 1995, for some reason, most of the patients that came to see me, had numerous skin issues.

One of my favorite stories concerns a 3 years old little girl. She came in wearing long sleeves and long pants. She had eczema in the folds of her skin. She would scratch it until it bled and oozed a yellow liquid. I put her on a remedy.  Within weeks it started to clear up. Two months later is was about 80% gone, and three months it was 100% gone.  I bet you can guess which remedy I gave her, (see below).

Remedies for Eczema:

Graphites is great skin remedy and one of the many great remedies for eczema.

This particular type of eczema, which it treats, likes to live in the folds of the skin, warm moist places, such as; folds of the elbows, behind the knees, behind the ears, and between the toes.

The skin can be rough and thick, and ooze a thick, sticky, honey like substance, that will become hard and crusty like the amber gemstone when it turn into a scab. Sometimes the honey like substance can emit a foul odor. Fingertips can crack and be very painful.

Worse: Warmth of the bed and hot showers can make if feel worse, which can make them itchy.

Better: They feel better with cool air and cool water.


Petroleum oleum is a crude oil and it’s used to make Vaseline. In a homeopathic form it has a profound affect on the skin. This eczema like Graphites lives in the folds of the skin; folds of the elbows, behind ears, writs, behind knees and the scalp, face and genitals. The skin is very dry and will crack, especially in the winter months. Chapped dry hands, and tips of fingers are rough.

The skin can appear dirty looking, hard, rough and thick, like parchment. The skin is slow to heal, and often cracks and bleed easily. When the skin is scratched, afterwards it burns.  The skin can be sensitive to clothing, especially wool.

Worse: Winter months, dampness, winter storms.

Better: Warm air and dry weather.


Psorinum has severe itching, which can be very disturbing, and drive a person to nonstop scratching.  Eczema will ooze a thick secretion, with a foul discharge. The skin looks unhealthy.

The eczema manifests near the ears and scalp. Hands and feet feel hot and itchy.

Worse: At night, the heat of a bed and wool clothing. Being cold and out in the open.

Better: Skin issues can clear up in the summer months and reappear in wintertime. They are better from; heat, warm clothing even, summer time, from washing and being in a room with no cold drafts.


Sulphur is such a great remedy, it’s called a Polycrest, a Greek word for “many uses”.  The eczema is very itchy, and prone to violent scratching, until it bleeds and pus will follow. Afterwards there is a burning sensation.  The skin is slow to heal. The itching will also cause a restless feeling in the body. Every little wound seems to fester and exude a foul sulphur or rotten egg like odor. The skin is very dry, scaly and unhealthy looking.  The skin is worse from being exposed to cold air, wind and washing.

Worse: Heat of bed, scratching and washing with hot water or just being exposed to water.

Better: Dry warm weather, motion and drawing up affected limbs towards the torso.


Rhus-toxicodendron eczema is usually found on the face, scalp, and around the mucus membranes. The skin feels painful and very sensitive to cold air; it feels burning hot and dry. The eczema will be dry and crusty and very very itchy; it feels good to scratch and put hot water on the affected parts.

Not only are there the skin issues, there are joint issues too. One can feel stiff all over, like a rusty gate until moving, after which one feels better.

Better: From heat, a hot bath, or in warm clothing, and dry warm weather.

Worse: Rest, laying or sitting on one part of the body too long.


Homeopathy works the best when treating the whole person. When looking at skin remedies, which there are many, think about which one of these skin remedies best matches you.

If it’s all too confusing or overwhelming, then use the skills and wisdom of a homeopath, who can help you navigate through the process to find the best  fitting remedy for you.