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The ABCs of Ear Aches

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The ABCs of Ear Aches
By Avghi Constantinides January 18th 2011

Ear Aches ~ Ouch!
Every year, countless children suffer from recurring ear infections. The antibiotics children are prescribed don’t seem to be working any more.

So what is a parent to do when their two year old has taken three courses of antibiotics and the ear infection is still not going way?

Here are a few ideas;

Dietary Changes
Changing your child’s dietary habits can help prevent reoccurring ear infections and upper respiratory problems.

One the most common reasons for the production and stagnation of phlegm is milk products such as; cheese, yogurt, and butter.

Homeopathy provides a powerful tool for improving the constitutional health of babies and children with ear problems. Homeopathic remedies can work fast and effectively.

• Aconite napellus: Use when the external ear is hot and red; children may report stinging and cutting pains in the ears. Often a child will get sick after being exposed to wet weather, or hot, or cold winds.

• Belladonna: Use for a sudden onset of ear ache with high fever; the child can be in a delirium, or hot to the touch and lethargic.

• Pulsatilla nigricans: This remedy is indicated when the child as an ear ache and behaves in a whiney, clinging manner, and need to be cuddled a lot. The right ear may be more painful. They feel worse in a warm room, and at night symptoms can deteriorate. They display changeable moods, happy one minute and crying the next.

• Chamomilla vulgaris: When the child has an ear ache and becomes very irritable, and feel better when carried or rocked. This remedy is good for ear aches when a child is simultaneously teething.

• Hepar sulfuris calcareum: This remedy is useful for a child who feels worse after cold exposure and is hypersensitive to touch. Their earache may be accompanied by a thick discharge from nose & ears while pain extends to the throat.

• Kali muriaticum: Is often indicated when a child suffers a white or greenish yellow nasal discharge, enlarged tonsils, and a stuffy sensation in the ear with some hearing loss.

• Kali sulfuricum: Is useful when discharges appear thin, yellow, and sticky, and accompanied by hearing loss from the effusion. Noises in the ears are common in older children, along with itching of the ears and evening pain.

• Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni: The child will be sensitive to both hot & cold temperatures with lots of sweating and salivation.

There are 128 homeopathic remedies for earaches, or otitis media.
Treating the constitution with a deep acting homeopathic remedy that addresses the entire symptom picture of the child may also be needed to stimulate an adequate healing process, which will help facilitate the cure of the underlying causes.

These are only suggestions and not meant for diagnosis.

There are many other remedies. The most successful way to treat earaches is to look at the whole person. The above are suggestions and may work if the child’s constitution is matched with the remedies above.
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