After making an appointment you will receive an extensive health history form to complete (you can download them below), scan and email back to the office or bring it in with you to your first appointment. In the homeopathic consultation, Avghi will do an in-depth analysis that gives her a complete picture of your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms–your whole history. When Avghi sees children and infants, she goes back as far as the time of conception and the history at that time. The initial evaluation may take 1 to 1 ½ hours, during which time you will find yourself describing your symptoms and difficulties in greater depth and detail than you have ever done before. Most people find this in itself therapeutic; it is common for patients to say they have never felt as well listened to or as understood. Looking at you comprehensively helps Avghi determine which homeopathic remedy is best suited to you and you only.

At the end of the evaluation Avghi may know immediately which homeopathic remedy is indicated, or she may take some additional time to analyze the case. There are over 4,000 documented homeopathic remedies. Avghi’s job is to find one that’s tailor-made just for you, so that your specific healing process can be stimulated. She may recommend Bach Flowers in addition to your remedy. Bach Flowers can be very helpful to use in acute situations along with a constitutional remedy, they are like an extra handholding when needed.

Homeopathy can address every symptom, physically, mentally and emotionally, that a human can experience. Some of the most common issues Avghi sees that bring patients to homeopathy are:

  • Anxiety/Panic Attack/Nervousness
  • Depression/Sadness/Grief
  • Hormonal Issues in both males and females
  • Menopause/PMS/Pregnancy
  • Skin Disorders
  • Headaches

Please note just because it’s not listed here it does not mean that homeopathy can’t help you with your particular issues.

Follow Up

Typically, a first follow-up is scheduled four to six weeks after the initial evaluation. The purpose of subsequent visits is to assess the response to the remedy and make adjustments, as needed. Ideally the first remedy will have initiated a healing process. However, occasionally progress is not as rapid as had been anticipated, in which case Avghi will need to consider alternative remedies and potencies. Subsequent visits are scheduled usually four to six weeks apart, and typically last 30 minutes. Once a patient starts to feel better the office will schedule appointments three to four months apart.
While many patients experience the deep relief and satisfaction of feeling better within the first or second visit, there are also many patients who are more complex and who require months of treatment and various remedies to experience deep healing. Patience with the process and a willingness to faithfully observe and report one’s symptoms and inner state are important requirements for success in the homeopathic endeavor.


Results will vary depends on how long someone has had an ailment, what their current vitality is like and how quickly their ability to heal is. We can never make any guarantees but Avghi promises you that she gives 110% towards her patients care.

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