Post Traumatic Stress Disease – 5 Homeopathic Remedies & 2 Bonus Bach Flower Remedies.

Anyone can get PTSD from a traumatic event. These events can vary from being in a war in the Middle East to being in an earthquake or a car accident.

For some people, the effects of these traumatic events last for a while but eventually you feel life coming back into balance and you feel like your old self again. But some people can’t seem to get back to your old normal you. Your life changes; your fears, anxiety and panic attacks increase and don’t go away.  It stops you from living the life you want, and your freedom is diminishing.

Most doctors will treat with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine. But there is an alternative to these medicines they help focus in on the PTSD.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, and will not make you feel more depressed or anxious when taking them or trying to come off of them. Here are 5 homeopathic remedies that can help. If you feel you don’t fit into any of these below I would suggest seeking the help of a professional homeopath.

Arsenicum Album: this remedy covers a lot of fears and anxieties that lead into obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  Your mind can’t stop playing the same trauma over and over again. You can only focus on the worry, the negative; perhaps something bad will happen to you or a loved one. Lots of fears arise over germs, your health, that you may get cancer, you have turned into a hypochondriac.

Aconitum Napellus: When the trauma happens all of a sudden, like an earthquake or a car accident. You feel threated for your life, and a deep fear of death sends you into a panic state. You can feel your heart beating at a rapid pace that comes on all of a sudden. You can feel faint, along with perspiration and trembling.  This can trigger panic attacks for things that would not have bothered you before. Fears of driving on a freeway, or going into an elevator or flying in an airplane, of open spaces or small spaces.  “I’m going to die” is a statement that you use for so many things. For example, “I went to the supermarket and on the way in the car, I thought I would die”.

Argentum-nitricum: Very anxious about their health, thinks the worst, makes mountains out of molehills. Hypochondriacs, a small ache or ailment and they think they are dying from some disease they looked up on the Internet. I call it “Monkey Brain” (or impulsive) when the patient can only focus in on their health or lack of it, because they are dying from some disease they think they have. They will go from doctor to doctor to get diagnoses. Lots of fear; heights, crowds, small spaces, crossing bridges, etc.… They have a need to express their feelings, in an impulsive way with anyone who will listen. They have a feeling of impending doom, like some evil force is coming for them.

Stramonium: Lots of fears at night and nightmares. Fear of the dark, animals, violence, death and being alone. Terrifying nightmares, waking up panic stricken and full of anxiety.

Anxiety turns into destructive and malicious behavior, out of control feeling, and feeling angry.  The fears are so deep it can put a person into a state of panic.  Nighttime is the worst time, they can’t be alone.  Their reaction to fear is violence.  They feel they need to protect themselves so are always on the attack, this is how they survive.

Lyssinum: Senses are all heightened, from sound, light, smell to even other peoples emotions. Their emotions are raw, like the nerves are being exposed, hypersensitive to all things. They feel they are being tormented or ridiculed. Feelings of isolation, but they do better when alone, in a room with not much light. They have a dread that something bad will happen to them.  Many phobias, such as driving, flying, being injured, dog bites, suffocation and being alone.  They have an irrational fear of water, either seeing it or just thinking of it. They have been bitten by an animal and had fears since then.  They have turned violent and abusive and have many insane ideas.

Suggested dose for the Homeopathic Remedies:

This can vary from a 30c, 200c to a 1M, and can be taken daily or weekly.  This will also depend on the severity of symptoms and how long someone has been suffering.  You can try and see what works best for you. Or seek the help of a professional homeopath.


Bonus Bach Flower Remedy:

Red Chestnut:  For worry, loss of sleep, irrational behavior, angry, feeling hate and resentment.  They are very impatient.

Star of Bethlehem: Very helpful in any shock, trauma or grief event.  When you just can’t seem to move forward and you stay in the traumatic event.  Feeling shame, fear, frustration and guilt that can turn into anger and holding onto grudges. Holding your fears and anxieties in the abdomen area, loss of appetite and have a lot of GI issues.

This Bach Flower essence can help you move forward out of that trauma.

Suggested dose for the Bach Flowers: Put 3 drops into a 12 oz. bottle of water, and each time you sip on the water, you are dosing yourself.  Very easy for children and adults to use and take.  You can put both Bach flower remedies in the same bottle of water.