I needed to get help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I had tried several other resources, but I was still having problems. I was drinking to help calm myself down, but then I realized I could not put down the bottle.
–DT, Office Manager Santa Monica

My family pointed out to me that I may have a drinking problem. I thought, no I don’t, I’m just stressed out. I need to get through the day, and a glass of wine, or six, at night helped me to de-stress. I went to AA, which really helped me to put down the drink, but then I was left with all of these physical and emotional issues. Avghi really helped me in my recovery with the remedies she had me take. I thank her every day.
–LS, Professor Beverly Hills

“I had a mystery allergy that seemed to come out of the blue. It took me a year and a half, two allergists, acupuncture and some things I could do in my house that improved my wheezing and sneezing enough to sleep better at night, yet I was still dependent on 2 different inhalers on a daily basis – one being used 4 times a day! It wasn’t until I started treatment with Avghi Constantinides that I saw real improvement of my breathing and the most egregious of the symptoms – wheezing. Within 6 weeks of beginning treatment, I was able to completely stop the use of the rescue inhaler I was using 4 times a day! Shortly after that, I completely weaned off the other inhaler as well! Avghi is a kind person who takes into account all that is going on in your life when coming up with a treatment plan, and is a gifted and accomplished homeopath. She has literally changed my life! Thank you Avghi” You ARE my homeopath for life!
–JG, , Owner, Plant it water San Francisco

“Avghi Constantinides helped me through a challenging emotional transition that had difficult physical effects. With great care, patience and skill she helped me to shed those layers and soon after I became pregnant with my first child. During the pregnancy, she continues to help with the emotional and physical challenges as they arise. As many pregnant women will attest, heightened sensitivities to the world when pregnant are remarkable. The Bach Flower remedy combinations Avghi prescribed have made a tremendous difference in my ability to feel safe and sound while keeping intact the necessary primal instinct to protect the baby. I hope to work with her for a long time to come, and to share her care and healing with my new baby as well.”
–T. J. Creative Director, Venice

I never thought my adult son would stay in recovery from his drug addiction. After he got clean, there were many old emotional issues that resurfaced. I decided that Homeopathy could help him, since it had helped me so much. Avghi was fantastic! She is such a non-judgmental and caring practitioner.
–PH, Mother of 3, Marina del Rey

“Avghi solved an ongoing problem I’ve had with constipation when I had given up on finding a solution. I had tried many natural remedies such as psyllium husk and various colon cleansers as well as expensive colonic sessions, but without long-term success. The homeopathic remedy Avghi chose was dead on for my particular issues and I’m truly happy to report that I’ve been regular on a regular basis.”
–J. L. Financial Planner, Santa Monica

I was escorted out of a Beverly Hills event in my ball gown, and in handcuffs! My anger issues and drinking had really gotten out of hand. A friend of mine suggested that I see a homeopath, and referred me to her homeopath, Avghi Constantinides. Within 6 weeks of taking a remedy, my whole life started to change. My husband and son noticed it right away. I am so much calmer, and I do not have much anxiety anymore. My anger that used to be at a 10 is now about a 1-2.
–Anonymous. Actor, Malibu

“Thanks for all your care! It created closeness within the family… I am very grateful to have all the loving people in my life, you included.”
–R.W. Mother of 6, Los Angeles, CA

“My sessions with Avghi have been truly unlike any healing experience I’ve ever had. No other healing modality has transformed my body, mind and spirit like homeopathy does. Avghi is completely present, sensitive and caring in her professionalism and integrity as a healer. I refer to her with complete confidence as my ‘doctor’ “.
–V.G. Massage, Reiki & yoga instructor, North Carolina

“My 2-year-old son has been sick for most of his life, always getting ear infections, colds, the flu, and coughs. He does not sleep well at night and has problems with his bowel movements. After a few months working with Avghi, I was amazed at the change my son has gone through. He is no longer getting sick each month, is sleeping better, can go to the bathroom with no problems each day. He is so much happier and so am I. And no more ear infections.”
–J.W. Mother, Los Angeles, CA

“I came to Avghi to get help with my anxiety/panic attacks. I had tried several other resources but I still was having problems. When I talked to Avghi on my first visit I found her very comforting, plus I felt she truly wanted to help me overcome this problem that was affecting my daily life. Shortly after seeing her I noticed my level of anxiety was dropping and within a few months I felt like a new person. When I first went to her I was at the point where I was suffering from daily panic attacks which caused me to miss out on many things in life. I was amazed and grateful how, with the help of homeopathic medications, I am now able to live a life that I truly desire.”
–J.A. Director of Member Services for a professional organization, Van Nuys, CA

“I began working with Avghi 18 months ago to balance my body as I move into menopause and also deal with genetically related health concerns. My parents have both had strokes, and I don’t want to get one. Working with Avghi regularly has radically shifted my relationship with my body and my health. With her guidance, I lowered my cholesterol in only 4 months from over 300 to 215, to my physician’s surprise and delight. I also learned how to get myself back on track when I get lazy about my diet. My physical energy has improved so much that I’m training for a Marathon-Walk in Hawaii in with the American Stroke Association. Avghi’s gentle but knowledgeable support as my “body coach” – plus her amazing custom-blended flower essences – continue to make a huge difference in my health and my life!”
–B.S. Life balance coach & writer, Burbank, CA

“I just hung up with Avghi, a homeopathic practitioner who works with with IBS clients. I can’t recommend Avghi more highly with respect to homeopathy. Her integrity, trustworthiness, and attention to clients are all off the charts in my opinion.”
–C.M. Simi Valley, CA

“I was in Los Angeles recently conducting a weekend workshop. By early Saturday morning I’d contracted a violent case of food poisoning. I’d only had food poisoning once before and it landed me in the hospital. I knew how serious this could be. So I was thinking about canceling the balance of the program so that I could get to a nearby emergency room. That’s just about the time Avghi asked if she could help…and help she did. Avghi stepped in with a confident, caring attitude and homeopathic remedies that took the edge off, calmed my body and, much to my surprise, had me back on my feet within an hour or so. Although I’ve known Avghi for years, this was my first exposure to homeopathy. It was a gentle and healing experience and I am so grateful. Thank you Avghi. Homeopathy rules!”
–A.H. Authentic Inc., North Carolina

“I was in my first trimester with horrible morning sickness. Avghi helped immensely with my morning sickness as well as my many fears that I had during my pregnancy. Now she is helping me transition into motherhood and all the hormone imbalances as well as my anxieties about taking care of my newborn. She also keeps my 5-year-old son healthy.”
–M.C. Santa Monica, CA

“My 9-year-old son had trouble concentrating in school. Last year his teacher came to me and suggested that he should be on Ritalin, I was devastated and did not want to put my son on a harmful drug. I sought out Avghi knowing that homeopathy is very effective and not harmful or addictive. Today he excels in school, has many friends, the teachers sing his praises and his grades have improved.”
–L.M. Woodland Hills, CA

“My 4-month-old baby was diagnosed with acid reflux. You are a genius. Just had to tell you that because I gave him the remedy just as you instructed…and he did SO MUCH better (already) with that feeding. Didn’t fuss that much and drank a good amount….and he has been sleeping peacefully since then. So happy! Didn’t think it would get better this quick, YAY!!!”
–A.T. Los Angeles, CA

I kind of feel like the whole incident with my son’s fever, stomach issues, and him passing out gave me a case of paranoia I just feel so worried for his health and overall well being. It was so frustrating talking to his pediatrician. I felt like I was talking to a wall and thought well he’s treating my son like the masses and not as an individual child and maybe that’s how he was trained. At that point I was glad that we have you to consult with on a more personable basis.
–Respectfully, C.V. Mother Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you VERY much Avghi! I really do appreciate all your help. I was able to change my life for the better with your help.”
–A.P. Huntington Beach, CA

“Thanks for yesterday. I feel better already in my knee and in general with the achiness. You are a genius!”
–L.S. Los Angeles, CA

“Avghi has been a godsend to our family. She is very experienced, wise, insightful and sensitive which enables her to consistently choose the remedies that will most benefit our young daughter. The remedies have helped ease and do away with many ailments and continue to nourish our daughter’s core. We are extremely grateful to have Avghi in our lives.”
–C.C. Teacher, mother, Marina Del Rey, CA

“I am writing you this email to let you know that we are going to be moving away from Los Angeles all the way back home to Jerusalem, Israel…. “I want to take this opportunity, to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for accompanying and supporting me through my rocky journey. You are a superb practitioner with an outstanding ability to listen and discern. I found great comfort and refuge in our time spend together, and I trust that my kids and I were in the best of hands.”I love you, I am grateful to have known you and I will definitely miss you greatly!!!!”
–A.W., Mother, Beverly Hills, CA